The affiliate program at https://www.salierixxx.com (now referred to as Saliericash) that consists of a collaborative partnership between you (from now called Affiliate) and our company Idea Trade Tre kft., with headquarters in 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut, 115 (Hungary) – Vat nr.: HU 14478961 (from now called Idea Trade Tre kft). The definition of this collaborative relationship will consist of the following steps:

The affiliate candidate fills in and submits the registration form that can be found on this site by ticking the box "I accept the agreement’s terms and conditions".

Idea Trade Tre kft examines the affiliate request and, in case of acceptance, contacts the affiliate by mail.

The affiliate receives the password from Idea Trade Tre kft to gain access to the accounting control panel and all the promotional material (textual, photographic and / or video) that she/he needs.

The affiliate publishes the promotional material provided by Idea Trade Tre kft on her/his website in the form of banners linked to the site https://www.salierixxx.com.

All the visitors sent from the affiliate to the site https://www.salierixxx.com will be identified through a linking code. The visitors identified by the linking code who will buy a PREMIUM subscription on https://www.salierixxx.com site will allow the affiliate a percentage gain of 50% on the purchase realized by the visitor.

The terms and conditions of the 'Saliericash' affiliate program that constitute the legal agreement between the affiliate and Idea Trade Tre kft. are listed below.

1. Participation in the affiliate program

1.1 To participate in Saliericash you must be of age.

1.2 To participate in Saliericash you have to register through the site http://www.saliericash.com. Idea Trade Tre kft reserves the right to decline for any reason your registration request to Saliericash.

1.3 When you register in Saliericash you accept to receive information and news on the affiliate program by email.

2. Responsibility and forms of promotion

2.1 The affiliate may choose any form of promotion provided that she / he doesn’t violate the terms of this agreement.

2.2 The affiliate can not make use of false and / or illegal forms of promotion.

2.3 The affiliate can not alter the linking codes.

2.4 The affiliate can not alter and / or cheat the Saliericash program.

3. Illegal advertising

3.1 By subscribing to Saliericash, the affiliate is not authorized to send traffic coming from sites containing pedo-pornographic material and / or that aren’t in line with the directions contained in 18 USC 2257.

3.2 By subscribing to Saliericash, the affiliate is not authorized to send traffic coming from sites that violate Copyright or which contain unauthorized material to the transmission from /by the legitimate owners.

3.3 By subscribing to Saliericash, the affiliate is not authorized to send traffic from websites that haven’t been reported by him / her in the application form.

3.4 By subscribing to Saliericash, the affiliate is not authorized to register domains (including third-level domains or sub-domains) that contain the SALIERI name and can not violate intellectual property rights belonging to Idea Trade Tre kft. By subscribing to Saliericash, the affiliate is not authorized to use URLs that contain the SALIERI name or may somehow be confused / mixed with the SALIERI brand.

4. Commissions and payments

To get the payment of the fees on the percentages provided by Saliericash, is necessary that a visitor have clicked on the banner annexed to the linking code that is directed to the https://www.salierixxx.com site published on the affiliate’s website and that he / she has bought a PREMIUM subscription through credit card payment.

4.1 For each PREMIUM subscription purchased by the visitors identified by/with the linking code, Idea Trade Tre kft will recognize the affiliate a 50% royalty fee to be calculated on the visitor’s purchase.

4.2 The payment of royalties are calculated on the basis of commissions earned by the affiliate during each month and will be paid by Idea Trade Tre kft thirty days after this period.

4.3 In order to obtain the payment of royalties, is necessary that the affiliate has earned commissions for a minimum of € 300.00.

5. Termination of the collaborative relationship

Saliericash reserves the right to suspend the relationship with the affiliate on the basis of the following:

5.1 If the affiliate modifies the connection codes authorized by Saliericash - electronically, mechanically and / or automatically and / or other technologies now available or that will be available in the future. Should the affiliate modify and / or replace the linking code on the membership’s URL with accounts other than her /his own.

5.2 If the affiliate transfers, reassigns, closes, rents and / or sells her / his account.

5.3 If the affiliate doesn’t respect one or more articles contained in this agreement.

5.4 If the affiliate’s account and / or website is unsuitable for any reason.

5.5 If the affiliate provides false and / or incomplete information during the registration process to Saliericash, as by a pure way of example, a false address or fraudulent bank information.

The affiliate and Idea Trade Tre kft. can terminate this agreement at any time, with or without cause, by mailing the news of the termination to the other party. If the agreement is annulled because the affiliate has violated Saliericash’s terms and conditions, she / he won’t be entitled to receive any payment of the royalties, even for those matured before the resolution date. If the agreement is canceled for any other reason, the affiliate will be entitled to the payment of all the royalties due until the date of cancellation.

6. Copyright

6.1 Saliericash grants the affiliate the non-exclusive license to use the name of the https://www.salierixxx.com site, its service (trade)marks and the access, download and use texts, videos, audios, photo content and any other form of intellectual property Idea Trade Tre kft for the sole purpose of advertising, marketing and / or promoting the website https://www.salierixxx.com.

6.2 The Affiliate can not copy, reproduce, modify, change, alter, transmit, distribute, spread or sell the photographic and audiovisual materials contained at http://https://www.salierixxx.com site, anywhere in the world and without the express written permission /consent of Idea Trade Tre kft.

6.3 The Affiliate is not allowed to make any modification to the promotional materials (photographs, textual images and / or videos) provided by Idea Trade Tre kft.

7. Place of Jurisdiction

The terms of this agreement are subject to the Hungarian law.

In the case of legal disputes, the only competent forum is Budapest.

8. Contacts

All questions relating to this agreement can be sent by e-mail to: support@mariosalieri.it